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Voting allows each citizen's voice to be heard and preserves our freedom!

Start Planning NOW for Voting in ALL Elections!   




THANKS for your support of the Cincinnati NAACP 59th Annual Freedom Fund Dinner  that was held on October 25, 2014.   THANKS to Guest Keynote Speaker - Hill Harper, Harvard Law Graduate, Actor, Author, and Youth Advocate**********************************************************


The Cincinnati NAACP Branch announces its September and October 2014 membership meetings and November 2014 branch election:


Thursday, Sept. 25, at 6 p.m., Southern Baptist Church Fellowship Hall (3556 Reading Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45229) — There will be an election of the branch nominating committee. All members whose memberships are current as of 30 days prior to the meeting date may be elected to the nominating committee.

Thursday, Oct. 23, 6 p.m., Southern Baptist Church Fellowship Hall (3556 Reading Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45229) — There will be a report of the nominating committee, receipt of nominations by petition and election of the Election Supervisory Committee. All members whose memberships are current as of April 1 may be nominated for office or as an at-large member of the Executive Committee. In order to sign a nominating petition or be elected to the Election Supervisory Committee, a member must be current as of 30 days prior to the branch October membership meeting.

Monday November 24th, 2014NOTE: 2014 Branch Elections postponed by National Office;  New Date and LocationTo Be Determined.  The election of officers and at-large members of the Executive Committee will take place at the Cincinnati NAACP Branch Office (4439 Reading Rd., Cincinnati, OH 45229). Polls will be open from 7:00 a. m. to 7:00 p. m.. To vote in a Branch election, one must be a member in good standing of the Branch 30 days prior to the election. A form of identification is required.



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Cincinnati NAACP 2013/2014 Focus:

--Membership Growth

--Voter Education/Empowerment

--Proactively Advocate/Influence Issues that improve community quality of Life




Get Your NAACP Membership Now: Be Informed and Help Improve Our Community Quality Of Life For All




..Executive Committee Meetings:

3rd Thursdays at 6PM at the Cincinnati Branch Office (4439 Reading Rd. 45229) unless notified otherwise (See "Meetings" tab for more schedule info.).


..General Membership Meetings:(Note: There has been a Location change)

4th Thursdays at 6:00 PM at Southern Baptist Church, 3556 Reading Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45229 unless notified otherwise (See "Meetings" tab for more schedule info.).  The General Membership Meeting will be held in the Fellowship HallEnter the Fellowship Hall on the Lexington Avenue side.  Parking is also, available in the Lexington Avenue Parking lot across the street from the church.   





Click: Web Links and access valuable information about the Cincinnati African American community and other local, state, regional and national resources relevant to the Cincinnati Community.



Voting allows each citizen's voice to be heard and preserves our freedom!

Start Preparing NOW to Vote in ALL the 2013 Elections!!!  Click VOTERS Info






Our right to vote and then have that vote count is under attack! 

Click VOTERS Info to become informed of issues that affect your right to vote and have that vote counted.  Are you sure your vote is being counted?  Be Informed and then be Proactive NOW to make sure ALL eligible voters in Hamilton County and Ohio that vote in elections get their votes COUNTED!




CLICK: Ohio NAACP Civil Rights Federal Legislative Report Card 112th Congress, First Session 2011






Stay informed about Current national Policies and Issues being considered that affect you and how you can influence the decision makers BEFORE decisions are made.




THE CHALLENGES FOR AFRICAN AMERICAN BUSINESSES IN CINCINNATI:  "A picture is worth a thousand words".  Click on this caricature that can be viewed and printed. 





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Click:  NAACP Strategic Plan:Game Changers for the 21st Century


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School in the Spotligt:  Roll Hill School


View a powerful video reminder of the importance of our mindset and attitude as we work with Schools. 


Cincinnati NAACP “School MISCONDUCT STOPPERS" Survey Questionnaire:

The survey is open to all staff, students and parents of Cincinnati Public Schools (CPS).  The purpose is to gather information in regard to CPS school discipline.






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HIV and AIDS Awareness


African American Businesses and The City of Cincinnati










2009 Elections ISSUES/RESULTS:

CLICK: (11/4/09): Results for 2009 Issues Endorsed or Initiated by Cincinnati NAACP



--Streetcar/Trolley Petition ( Completed and Accepted!)

........(8/21/09): Board of Elections Certified Streetcar and Water Petitions

........Petition Status




--Cincinnati Waterworks Petition (Completed and Accepted!)

........Petition Background info

.......(8/21/09): Board of Elections Certified Streetcar and Water Petitions

........Petition Status






2008 Elections ISSUES/RESULTS:





On November 4, 2008, Issue 8, a Charter Amendment to elect City Council by Proportional Representation (PR), narrowly failed:  NO (64,435 or 52.76%);  YES (57,695 or 47.25%).  PR failed by 20 votes per precinct.  This shows that with a little more effort and education about PR, PR can get passed.  Thanks to all those who petitioned, campaigned and VOTED FOR PR!


Issue #8 (PR) Frequently Asked Questions


"The Buffet Dinner: A Tale of Two Electoral Systems".  Compares the current 9X system with the proposed PR system (Issue #8) for electing city council.  An entertaining short story format is used to help make the reading interesting but still communicate the basic principles. 


Petition for Proportional Representation

that was Issue #8 on the November 4, 2008 ballot  

-Issue #8 (PR) Frequently Asked Questions


-What is Proportional Representation (PR)?


-PR-Newsmakers: August 6th Edition Part 1


-How Proportional Representation Elections Work-Cambridge, MA 


-“Proportional Representation and Electoral Reform in Ohio”, a study of five Ohio cities (Cincinnati, Cleveland, Hamilton, Toledo, Ashtabula)

--History of PR in Cincinnati


--Cincinnati's First Black Mayor, Theodore M. Berry, Led PR  Fight for Half a Century






On November 4, 2008, Issue 7, which prohibits the city from installing Red Light Cameras, passed 51 percent to 49 percent!!  Thanks to all those who petitioned, campaigned and VOTED to BAN Red Light Cameras in Cincinnati!


Ban Red Light Cameras Petition that was Issue #7 on the November 4, 2008 ballot



CMHA Board of Directors Appointment Authority Challenged:


Christopher Smitherman v. City of Cincinnati: Motion for Summary Judgement


Deposition of Milton Dohoney, Jr (Cincinnati City Mgr) on 1/15/09 regarding CMHA Board of Directors Appointment Authority








Click Latest News  for all previously posted articles



Review a very informative and insightful Study:

Who Rules Cincinnati?


Review a very informative and insightful Perspective on

Race, Class, and the Case of Brenda Nesselroad-Slaby




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Cincinnati NAACP Articles


(4/21/15): NAACP Victory-Ohio Early Voting Hours To Be Expanded With Settlement


11/23/14: Cincinnati NAACP Branch Elections Postponed


(9/29/14): Early Voting Begins TUESDAY, October 7th!


(6/25/14): New Early Voting Hours in Ohio


(5/21/14): Juanita Adams Has Passed


(4/29/14): Chris Packer Appointed Economic Development Committee Chair Cincinnati NAACP


(2/9/14): Cincinnati Branch NAACP President Refused Discussions on Streetcars


(1/29/14): Raise The Minimum Wage


(1/28/14): Hamilton County Board of Elections - Motions 1 & 2


(1/28/14): Violence Against Women


(1/27/14): Hamilton County Board of Elections Deadlock


(1/25/14): Cincinnati Branch NAACP Calling for Direct Action


(1/24/14): Another Call for Direct Action


(1/20/14): Hamilton County Board of Elections Public Hearing


(1/19/14): Relocating Hamilton County Board of Elections


(1/4/14): President Morton thanks former President Smitherman


(11/20/13) Prepare Now to Vote in 2014 Elections!


(9/9/13): VOTE September 10th: Cincinnati Mayoral Primary


(8/17/13): NAACP Mourns Loss of Former Executive Committee Member/Scholarship Chair: ShaRon Wilson


(8/4/13): Congratulations Cincinnati NAACP for National Awards 2013!


(8/4/13): Early Voting BeginsTuesday August 6th


(7/23/13): 50th Anniversary March on Washington Celebration on August 28, 2013




(6/16/13): Happy Father's Day


(6/14/13): Anticipated Questions and Responses regarding President Smitherman Candidacy for Council


(6/14/13): President Smitherman Temporarily Relinquishing Office of President


(6/12/13): Court of Appeals Rules in Favor of City; Parking System Gone


 (5/29/13): The Cincinnati NAACP Will Establish an Education Fund for Juanita M. Adams


(4/26/13): Cincinnati NAACP Votes to Oppose Parking Lease Deal


(4/26/13): Speaker Selected for Cincinnati NAACP Freedom Fund Dinner


(4/18/13): Board of Elections Confirms Team has Collected Needed Valid Signatures for Parking Meter


(4/17/13): City Manager Memo on Streetcar Project: Price Tag Continues to Rise


(4/12/13): City Hall Must Release Parking Petitions to Board of Elections by Monday


(4/7/13): Monday (April 8th) is Last Day to Register to Vote for May 7th Primary


(4/7/13): Citizens submit 19,803 Signatures for Parking Meter Issue


(4/3/13): Parking Petitions Will Be Filed Tomorrow at City Hall


(4/2/13): Petitions Will Be Filed on Thursday, April 4th at City Hall


(4/2/13): Judge Allows Stockton, CA to Move Forward with Bankruptcy


(3/28/13): Judge Allows TRO to Stand on Parking Meters-Signature Collection Continues


(3/19/13): 4000 Parking Meter Signatures in Hand


(3/15/13): Citizens Collect 3,100 Parking Meter Signatures in 4 Days


(3/12/13): Graeters Invites Petitioners to Collect In Front of Stores


(3/11/13): Cincinnati NAACP Encourages Members to Sign Petition on Parking Meters


(2/28/13): Racial Entitlement??


(2/27/13): NAACP Rallies to Defend Voting Rights Act at US Supreme Court


(2/26/13): Black History Month Keynote Speaker Dr. LaVaughn Henry


2/17/13: City Hall Still Pushing to Use Metro Funding for Streetcar


2/17/13: Streetcar Cost Doubles


(1/29/13): Juanita Adams Family Has Requested No Visitors at Hospital


(1/24/13): Cincinnati NAACP Meeting at Unity Missionary Baptist Church


(1/21/13): Happy Martin Luther King Day


(1/8/13): Ross and Smitherman Families Donate Over $12,000 to NAACP Education Funds


(1/1/13): President Smitherman Host on700 WLW Tonight


(12/30/12): President Smitherman Host on 700 WLW


(12/20/12): Cincinnati NAACP Annual Meeting and Swearing in of Officers/Executive Committee Members


(12/19/12): Jim Alexander Appointed Communication Chair for Cincinnati NAACP


(12/19/12): Kristen Smitherman Appointed as Press and Publicity Chair for Cincinnati NAACP


(12/18/12): Brian Garry Appointed Chair of Community Coordination


(12/18/12): Elizabeth Sanford Reappointed Chair of Political Action Committee for Cincinnati NAACP


(12/16/12): Beverly Morton Reappointed as Cincinnati NAACP WIN Chair


(12/16/12): Jim Clingman Reappointed as Chair of Economic Development for Cincinnati Branch


(12/15/12): Lettie Reid Appointed Chair of Membership for Cincinnati NAACP


(12/13/12): Judge Tyrone K. Yates Will Swear in Cincinnati NAACP Leadership


(12/10/12): Ishton Morton Named Chair of the Labor Committee


(12/9/12): Lisa McQueen Reappointed as Education Chair for Cincinnati NAACP


(12/8/12): Chris Finney Reappointed as Cincinnati NAACP Legal Redress Chair


(12/6/12): Smitherman Appoints Sam Malone as Chair of Veteran Affairs


(12/4/12): President Smitherman Appoints Reverend Dock Foster as Chair of Religious Affairs


(12/1/12): World AIDS Day: Message from NAACP Chairman


(11/27/12): President Smitherman and Executive Committee Re-Elected for 2 Year Term


(11/26/12): President Smitherman Opposes Privatizing Parking System


11/17/12: National NAACP Decides Election Date for Local NAACP Election


(11/16/12): Cincinnati NAACP Extends Funds to IV Charis


(11/12/12): NAACP National Office Postpones Cincinnati NAACP Unit Election


(11/11/12): We Honor Our Veterans Today


(11/5/12): Last Day of Early Voting Starts at 8:00 AM Today


(11/3/12): Early Voting Hours at the Hamilton County Board of Elections


(11/1/12): Early Weekend Voting in Ohio Starts Saturday


(10/27/12): Cincinnati NAACP Freedom Fund Dinner Sold Out


(10/10/12): President Smitherman's MSNBC Interview


(10/8/12): Tomorrow (Tuesday) Last Day To Register To Vote


(10/6/12): President of the Cincinnati NAACP Christopher Smitherman on MSNBC Tomorrow


(10/2/12): Cincinnati NAACP Sleep Out Successful


(10/1/12): Cincinnati NAACP Urges YES Vote on Issue 42(CPS), Issues 50 and 51; a NO vote on Issue 4


(10/1/12): Cincinnati NAACP Members and Community Lining up at Board of Elections for Early Voting


(10/1/12): Cincinnati NAACP Leadership Sleeps out Tonight at Board of Elections for 5th Year


(9/29/12): Cincinnati NAACP Joins Baptist Ministers Conference Urging NO Vote on Issue 4


(9/24/12): Courts Will Decide if Early Voting Happens on Saturday, Sunday and Monday


(9/24/12): City Council Voting on $29 Million More for Streetcar


(9/20/12): Voter Registration Event at Urban League on Tomorrow


(9/17/12): Cincinnati NAACP Prepared To Vote


(9/9/12): Cincinnati NAACP Mourns the Passing of Prominent Businessman Phil Waller


(9/1/12): Smitherman receives prestigious Thalheimer Award from national NAACP


(8/28/12): Baptist Ministers Conference Endorses CPS Renewal


(8/27/12): Cincinnati NAACP Endorses Cincinnati School Renewal


(8/23/12): Cincinnati NAACP General Membership Meeting Tonight


(8/21/12): Casino Representative at Cincinnati NAACP Membership Meeting on Thursday


(8/17/12): Police Shooting Tonight Resulted in Death of Citizen


(8/16/12): Ohio Secretary of State Announces Early Voting Hours


(8/16/12): Cincinnati NAACP Announces First Phase of Hiring at HORSESHOE CASINO CINCINNATI


(8/16/12): Ohio Secretary of State Issues Directive For In Person Absentee Voting Days and Hours


(8/15/12): NAACP Will Hold Audition for 2012 Freedom Fund Dinner




(7/28112): Motel 6 Uses Racial Epithet to Welcome Jazz Festival Guests


(7/26/12): Cincinnati NAACP Will Consider Executive Mayor Form of Government


(6/29/12): City Hall might have plans to Privatize Sanitation


(6/28/12): Supreme Court Upholds Health Care Reform Law 5-4


(6/19/12): Cincinnati Fire Department & EMS Exam Signup




(5/13/12): NAACP Launches This Is My Vote Campaign


(5/9/12): Cincinnati City Council Will Hold Pension Meeting May 14, 2012 at 1:00 PM


(5/7/12): Cincinnati NAACP Adopts Roll Hill School


(4/27/12): Votes Counted in Hunter/Williams Race for Juvenile Court Judge


(4/26/12): Services this Saturday, April 28th for Roscoe A. Fultz


(4/16/12): The Cincinnati NAACP Mourns the Loss of a Giant: Roscoe Fultz


(4/15/12): Black on Black Gun Violence and Murder Continues This Weekend


(4/11/12): Zimmerman arrested, charged with murder


(4/10/12): Roland Martin Speaker for Cincinnati NAACP 57th Annual Freedom Fund Dinner


(4/4/12): Steven Blount Released From Prison with the Help of Governor Kasich and others


(4/2/12): Violence in African American Neighborhoods Unacceptable


(3/26/12): Justice For Trayvon Martin: Co-Sign Open Letter to Florida Prosecutor


(3/25/12): The Cincinnati NAACP Extends Support to Mahogany's


(3/19/12): 2012 Cincinnati NAACP Freedom Fund Dinner Award Recipients


(3/18/12): Cincinnati NAACP Acknowledges the Passing of Arthur Sherman, Jr.


(2/24/12): Seelbach's Mahogany, Empire Theater Comparison Reckless


(2/22/12): Cincinnati NAACP General Membership Meeting Thursday, February 23, 2012 at 6:00 PM


(2/19/12): City of Cincinnati Will Face Budget Deficit


(2/17/12): Hearing on Paving Streets Today At City Hall


(2/17/12): City Hall Breaking Ground on Streetcar With No Utility Agreements


(2/12/12): The Cincinnati NAACP Mourns the Loss of Whitney Houston


(2/8/12): Streetcar Hearing Rescheduled for Friday, February 10, 2012


(2/1/12): Cincinnati Retirement Benefits Reduced Effective February 1st


(1/16/12): Cinti NAACP Asks Leaders to "March on MLK Day" to end Pass Throughs and Front Companies


(1/13/12): Smitherman Back on 700 WLW this Sunday, January 15, 2012


(1/6/12): Cincinnati NAACP Encourages Construction Sites and Businesses to Close for MLK Holiday


(1/5/12): City Spending $4.4 Million on Wedding Atrium at City Hall


(1/4/12): Council Agrees with County to Raise MSD Rates by 8%


(1/3/12): Seven City Council Members Raise Water Rates by 8.5%



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